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Most recent business project and investor below:

CFC project - European team looking for investors to build local production plants worldwide.

Location: Bulgaria;
Investment needed: 5000000 Euro;

Summary: CFC is an innovative material for production of cellular concrete. Patent pending in Europe. Cellular concrete is prepared by simply mixing the CFC dry mix with water. Simplest to use, without special equipment, wide range of volume weights for cellular concrete possible.

Investor: 132-RU

Location: Russian Federation;
Investment range: from 90000 to 950000 Euro;

Profile: I am a former bank manager, looking for investment opportunities in the listed industries. Broad experience in passive investments in early stage startups.

Industries: Building Services & Products; Financial, Business & Legal Services; Internet, eCommerce & Apps; IT, Hardware & Software; Marketing & Advertising; Products & Inventions; Technology; Transportation;